Choice Wise Antler Bird Chips can play an important role in maintaining the health and fitness of your bird. Antlers are stronger than the more common cuttle bones normally used for birds. Incorporating our antler Bird Chips into any bird’s environment will provide one’s winged friend an excellent opportunity to stimulate his or her natural instincts. Pet birds have been known to peck on household items. Our Choice Wise Antler Bird Chips are a great  solution. Bird Chips are a unique source of nutrition, providing your bird with a vitamin-rich, long-lasting, peck-able treat. Our Bird Chips connect to the side of the cage with a traditional treat clip.

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Dog Size Chart / Density Analysis


      Hard  Choice Wise Hard Antler dog chews are the best for aggressive chewers. Hard chews are our most dense variety, making them our most long-lasting chews. Medium Choice Wise Medium Antler dog chews puncture more easily, and therefore pose... read more